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Please call us if you are looking to see if an item is in stock. Bicycle inventory in our online catalog refreshes overnight and may not be reflected accurately during the day.

Sport System's Trade-in Program:

Trade in Your Gear & Get Instant Store Credit

Trade in your used hardgoods

Bring in your goods for evaluation and we will offer you half of what we can sell it for in store credit.

Upgrade & buy new or used gear

Sport Systems has a large selection of both new and used skis, snowboards and boots.

Use & repeat the cycle

Have fun with your new gear! When you have outgrown it or are simply done with it, trade it back in to us. 

How Bicycle Trade-ins Work

  • You must bring your bike to the store in-person to get appraised. We cannot appraise bikes over the phone. To get an idea of value of your bike, you can reference the bicycle blue book here.  
  • Once you bring your bike in, an associate will pair you with an appraiser who will assess your bike. They will reference the bicycle blue book for starting value, as well as consider the condition of the bike, factoring in the cost for any necessary parts/services that the bike may need to be fully road or trail ready.

  • Whatever the determined value is, we will offer you half of it's value in store credit (on a Sport Systems gift card). 

  • At this point you can choose to accept the store credit or decline it & try to sell the bike on your own. Know that all trade-ins are final after receiving store credit. We cannot give you your old bike back if you change your mind the next day. We do offer free minor adjustments for 30-days after purchasing a used bike. 
  1. Why Trade-in at Sport Systems?

We Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle

We have many ways that we can repurpose your old gear even if we cannot resell it. We may donate it to youth to make art or make directional signs in our store plus more! Sport Systems was awarded Recycler of the Year 2018.

We Take It Off Your Hands

Clear out your garage or storage. Make room for the new! Bring your hard goods to us. We take them off your hands and safely dispose of them if not recyclable.