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Quick Guide to Bicycles and Maintenance

In the market for your first bike? Looking to upgrade the dusty ride that's been hanging near your lawn mower for the past nine years? It is time to build up the custom bike of your dreams? We'll make it happen.

Everything ranging from the simplest parts, such as a new chain or a set of grips, all the way to the latest technological advances in suspension and drivetrain components can be found at our store.

Gear doesn't just mean bike parts, either. We have a comprehensive collection of all the necessities you'll want to ensure the best and safest experience on your ride, plus a few extra awesome goodies.

Oh, and snacks. Always have snacks.


Stemming from a group of individuals that collectively could supply several lifetimes of bicycle knowledge, we strive to provide the absolute best service possible for you and your bike. From something as simple as a flat tire repair to custom work involved with a full restoration to complete race preparation for your biggest event of the year, nothing is too big or too small to deserve excellence.

We continually evolve and invest in continuing our education. Being able to provide service through nationally-certified technicians and fitters, we pride ourselves on the elite level of service available here at the shop.

We're pretty much always stoked on bikes and love it when our bikes run smoothly. Let us help you get yours dialed in and ready for your next ride.

Why Sport Systems?

We're a collective of enthusiasts that come to work every day loving bicycles and the sport of cycling. Some of us commute, some are weekend warriors, some compete at elite levels, some adventure for days on end and some just ride for fun. Although we all have our favorite gear and places to ride, the cohesiveness and knowledge of our group gives you confidence that you're in the right place to begin or advance your riding. 


Come hang out, have an espresso and get stoked about riding bikes. It's what we do every day.

  • Every bike ride should be this fun... 

From Our Staff

Notes From Our Staff

505 Cycling


Sport Systems 505 Cycling Team is a local nonprofit organization that hosts events, organizes trail work and roadside cleanup days and helps spread the love and enthusiasm for cycling in New Mexico and beyond.

People for Bikes


Imagine a place where one bike lane leads to the next. Where trails, bridges, and underpasses lead safely to exactly where you want to go. And regardless of your bicycling experience and fitness, you can pedal smoothly across town. We believe this dream can be a reality, and together with our members, we are making it happen.

Bike ABQ


Since our founding in 1999, BikeABQ has been working with public officials and government staff to communicate the concerns of bicyclists. We engage in education programs and promote infrastructure improvements that make bicycle riding a safe alternative for daily transportation.