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#HandUpABQ Social Media Challenges

Complete one of our #handupabq social media challenges to earn a free local restaurant gift card pack ($50 value). 

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#HandUpPayItForward Challenge

Challenge Deadline: April 15, 2020

Sponsored by: Long Leash on Life 

Buy a $50 pack of gift cards to support local restaurants & our local sponsor @longleashonlife will give you a FREE $50 RESTAURANT GIFT CARD PACK to give! Pay it forward by completing the #HandUpPayItForward challenge!

#HandUpPayItForward Challenge Rules:

1.  Buy a $50 pack (5, $10 gift cards to a variety of locally-owned restaurants) from Sport Systems to support #handupabq.

2.  Follow @sportsystems & @longleashonlife on Instagram or Facebook (or both)

3.  Copy the following text for your post:

Hey @_________ there’s a free $50 pack of gift cards to local restaurants with your name on it @sportsystems! I challenge you to pay it forward with the #HandUpPayItForward challenge. If you buy a $50 pack, then challenge someone else (like I just challenged you), you’ll get a free $50 pack to give to them! Keep the chain alive & help our local restaurants survive!

4.  Create a post with the gift cards you received from your envelope and paste in the text above. Make sure to tag the person you are challenging in the description of your post instead of the blank, then post it.

5. Show your post to the cashier & they will prepare a free $50 pack for your friend. We will keep it safe behind the register & have it ready for them to pick up at their convenience!


Not only are you supporting DOZENS of local restaurants, you are giving the gift of food to someone in your community. By challenging them to do the same we can create a chain of good deeds. We hope to give away a lot of packs!


**The first person to start the chain gets an additional free pack for themselves! Only 1 free pack per customer (so no double-nominations; You can start a chain more than once or nominate multiple people but may only get one free pack for yourself).

This challenge ends April 15 - no more free packs for the challenge will be given away after that day

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