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Please call us if you are looking to see if an item is in stock. Bicycle inventory in our online catalog refreshes overnight and may not be reflected accurately during the day.

Important Information for USAC Masters Event Bike Shipping & Services

It is very important to read through this next section if you are a USAC Masters Event participant planning to ship your bike and/or book a service at Sport Systems in Albuquerque!

Services for USAC Masters Event Participants:

A) Bike receiving + build service (or build only, if brought in-person)    -


B) Bike repack + handoff to shipping carrier      

$60 (discounted if purchasing bike build service)

    $80 (regular price)

    C) Bike receiving + pickup only (no assembly)      -



    Bike Build + Bike Repack Service = $140 (discounted package deal)

    A: Bike Receiving + Build Service (Inbound) - $80

    If you would like to ship your bike to us & have it built by us:


    • Receiving your bike from shipping carrier (or in-person if not shipping)

    • Notification within 24hrs that your bike has been received (except if dropped of in-person)

    • Safe storage

    • Professional assembly

    Instructions for purchasing a Bike Receiving + Build Service:

    • Select the day that you will pick up your bike before your event(s) to book your Bike Build service through the following link (via Eventbrite) below.

    • Reserve Pickup Slot Here

    • Please Note: there are limited pickup reservations available for each day based on our bike building capacity

    • You must complete a separate reservation (hereinafter referred to as a “ticket”) per bike you are shipping or bringing to us. For example: if you are sending us 2 bikes, then you would need to reserve 2 ‘tickets’ (reservation slots)

    • Read the description in your purchase of a ticket (reservation slot), as it will include important details on when your bike must be received in order for it to be ready to be picked up by your scheduled date

    • You must accept the terms listed in your ticket via Eventbrite to purchase this service, which states that you understand and agree that Sport Systems is not responsible for any damages that may occur between shipping and picking up your bike. 

    • If you require an outbound Bike Repack service after your event(s) (see details below), then you must include a prepaid shipping label inside of the box that you are shipping your bike to us in. 

    B: Bike Repack Service (Outbound) - $80 or $60 ($20 off with purchase of Bike Build Service)

    If you would like us to professionally pack & hand off your bike to a shipping carrier:


    • Professional bike packing (+ affixing your prepaid shipping label)
    • Handoff to your chosen shipping carrier 

    Instructions for purchasing a Bike Repack + Handoff Service:

    • Payment for this service will be taken in-store when you drop off your bike (show a ticket receipt of your bike build service for a $20 discount on your bike repack service)
    • You must provide a prepaid return shipping label inside of your bike box before you ship it to us
    • Outbound packages will be sent out on a first-in, first-out basis, however if you are required choose a pickup date, schedule it for 2 days after you plan to drop your bike off at the store (it still may take up to 5 days to get it packed & on the truck)
    • See section below titled “Shipping” for more information


    C: Bike Receiving + Pickup Only (Inbound Service)

    If you would like to ship your bike and pick it up from the store (but do not want us to build it):


    • Receiving your bike from shipping carrier

    • Notification within 24hrs that your bike has been received

    • Safe storage


    • Send an email to stating your name, & that you are requesting a bike pickup (we’ll look for your form after you send this email request)

    Shipping (Inbound)

    Shipping is 100% the participant’s responsibility to coordinate. Sport Systems will not be held responsible for any shipping delays or complications that may occur with your chosen shipping carrier, so please plan accordingly for your bike to arrive on time, based on your scheduled pickup day. We highly suggest that you plan for your bike to arrive a minimum of 5 days prior to your pick up date. More information on when your bike must be received by (in order to complete your desired service) is covered in the details when you book your ‘ticket’ (bike pickup reservation slot). 

    Prepaid Shipping Labels for Outbound Service

    We will send bikes out on a first-in, first-out basis. You must provide a prepaid shipping label from one of our *approved shipping carriers (listed in section below) in the box that you are shipping your bike in. 

    If you must choose a ship-out date for your prepaid shipping label, then select the date two days after you bring your bike in to us. This does not mean that your bike will get shipped out by this date, because your bike’s repacking & processing period will depend on the volume of packages that we need to repack. We will get your bike to your carrier ASAP, but it could take 5 business days or more to get on the shipping carrier’s truck, depending on the volume of outbound bikes. Once your bike is picked up & scanned by the shipping carrier you should receive tracking information from them. Please check your tracking number on your shipping label receipt before contacting the store for an update. 

    If you are having trouble with producing a prepaid return shipping label, then we recommend that you ask your preferred carrier for more information on how to do so.

    Approved Shipping Carriers:

    Resources on how to print out a prepaid shipping label online from carriers we do business with:

    Terms & Conditions of Service

    Sport Systems is not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping, assembly, storage or repacking.

    We take great pride in assembling and packing bikes. We have built & shipped hundreds of shipped bikes without incident. 

    We cannot guarantee the assembly of your bike unless it is received at least two days before your scheduled pickup date.