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Why Warm Temperatures Make Perfect Skiing Conditions for Beginner and Intermediate Skiers and Snowboarders

December 18, 2017

While mother nature may not be cooperating with you Back Diamond adrenaline junkies with this lack of snow, she’s offering the perfect conditions for those who want to learn to ski or who love the green and blue groomers.  

These warm winter conditions will give beginner and intermediate skiers a great skiing or snowboarding experience. Here are 6 reasons why warmer temperatures provide the perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions for those that hug the bunny slope or carve the green and blue runs.

1. Warm and Sunny

The slopes in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado are experiencing the warmest weather they’ve had in a long time. Take advantage before the colder months begin.  If you’re not used to the cold or avoid skiing because of it, this year is your year to ski. 

You can now finally join your friends and loved ones that can’t get enough of skiing.   There’s plenty of sunlight to bask in and keep you warm as you glide down the hill at a relaxed pace.  

Don’t forget to get a pair of goggles to enhance the visibility of snow contours, bumps and textures so you can ski safely and with assurance.

2. Discount Lift Tickets

Right now, major ski resorts are offering discounted lift tickets. You’ll get the best price if you buy now. Hurry, the discounts won’t last. Once the first major snow falls, ticket prices may rise. Direct-to-Lift tickets are your best option so that you can just go right to the lift upon your arrival. Sport Systems sells lift tickets and ski passes for your convenience.

3. Open Trails

Ski areas make snow on most of their beginner and intermediate terrain. If you're a beginner or intermediate skier, most of the mountain is open for you, and you won't go down a black diamond run by accident. They're closed. Your expert buddies will tell you the conditions aren't good because there is a small base of snow. Tell them that you're only skiing on the top inch, and who cares how deep the base is.


4.  No lift Lines

Not much needs to be said here. You get to spend more time on the slopes than you do waiting in line because fewer folks are out skiing! Most folks just don't know how good the skiing can be for those who are trying to learn or like to go down the green and blue runs. Now, you know the secret!

Less people also means good rental gear will also be available. You can rent your gear at Albuquerque’s only ski shop, Sport Systems, where you’ll also get personalized fit, service and the best deal.

5.  Close Parking/Few Hassles

Even though most skiers fall into the beginner and intermediate categories, there are fewer crowds to deal when the snowfall is light. Less crowds means less hassles, closer parking and an overall better skiing or snowboarding experience.

6. Avoid Adrenaline Junkies

For beginner and intermediate skiers, the good news is there will be fewer shredders and rippers on your magic carpet. You’ll avoid many of the speed demons and adrenaline junkies that usually bomb by causing you to place a death grip on your poles as you try holding an edge while slowly zigzagging from one side of the run to the other hoping not to bail. Now, it's your turn! Expert skiers are waiting for the snow dump so they can catch that gnar ride where they freestyle, rip and shred.

Remember to buy a brain bucket to keep your head safe. A quality helmet that aligns well with your goggles and has a place for your headphones so you can play your tunes will make your ride and glide extra fun and super safe.

These are only a few reasons why warm weather makes the perfect skiing and snowboarding conditions for beginner and intermediate skiers. For you expert skiers, right now is the best time to finally get your friends and loved ones participating in the sport with you. Show them how much fun it can be!