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We're Into What You're Into ~ SKI * BIKE * SNOWBOARD * RUN

Pat Vigil "The Chugger"

Reigning Campion of this Prestigious Title

Pat is Sport Systems’ reigning champ earning this most prestigious title, "The Chugger," by winning the employee Beer Mile! 

In addition to schooling us Millennials & Gen X'ers in the Beer Mile, she has completed around 300 races and has done bike tours. She’s been running for 40 years all around the world. Her love is to travel and run races especially half marathons. Her favorite race is the 15K in Australia. 

Pat holds a master’s degree in teaching attending both Michigan State and UNM. Her 9-year old daughter got her started into running when she was 39. 

Pat offers customers expertise on how to travel and run as well as prepare people to train for distance running. She is an inspiration that it’s never too late to start running and to keep running even into and beyond your 70’s.