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Mary Miller "Mare Mare"

Footwear Buyer / Department Manager

Mary attended Ball State on a ballet dance scholarship. She started
dancing as a child and started ballet in college. Then, she radically
changed her life direction when she started running in 2009.  

She was such a novice that she Googled, “How to Run?” Every one around her was running half marathons, and she thought, “Who runs for 2-hours? That’s dumb!” She ran her first ultra-marathon in 2015, the “Trail Factor 50K” in Portland. 

Within 3-months, she ran her first marathon, a 50K and 50 mile. She explains that she is just a “normal” person, and if a “normal” person like her could run an ultra-marathon, anyone can!  

Running changed her life. The run community was her inspiration. She saw people become happier, quit bad habits and gain confidence. That’s when Mary became passionate about seeing others reach their goals.

Mary’s specialty is trail running. She can help you reach your running goals. When Mary is not at Sport Systems, you might find her dressed as Elvis or running on the trails.

Mary Miller, Footwear Buyer at Sport Systems running on a trail

Mary Miller trail running

Mary Miller dressed as Elvis. Fun fact: she celebrates Elvis' birthday every year.

Mary Miller having a fun time at Sport Systems