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We're Into What You're Into ~ SKI * BIKE * SNOWBOARD * RUN

Hand Up ABQ Business Sponsorships

If you are a business who has not been badly affected by COVID, the local restaurant community could really use your help! As a business owner, you have the ability to contribute to our cause in a big way. 

We have 5 different levels of sponsorship to choose from. This is not a donation! For the full amount that you contribute, you will receive an equivalent dollar amount in gift cards from local restaurants. The sponsorship tiers are listed below. Your business name will also be displayed in our in-store signage under the level you have chosen to contribute. 

   Ideas for gift card use:

  • Give to your employees
  • Give to customers/clients
  • Give to charity

Are you a local business owner or manager who would like to contribute to Hand Up ABQ? You can support us & become a sponsor by buying your gift cards online HERE

Simply select from either $50 value packs or $100 value packs and enter the quantity below. For example, if you would like to become a "Gold" level sponsor you could select $100 (qty 50), or $50 (qty 100). Feel free to contact Duane at 301-5916 for sponsorship inquiries & questions.

Note, this option is only for local business sponsors purchasing a minimum of $500 worth. If you would like to buy less than that amount, please stop into Sport Systems, and we'll get you rung up at the front register, or if you are unable to, give us a call at 505-837-9400.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, would like to nominate a locally-owned restaurant, or have any additional questions, please contact us at

Hand Up ABQ Media Assets

Download graphics, images, & other assets to use in your media & spread the word about Hand Up ABQ!

Sponsorship Tiers:


$10,000 Contribution

•  Sport Systems


$5,000 Contribution

•  Mechanical Representatives 

•  Long Leash on Life


$2,500 Contribution

•  "In Memory of Joe Lifke"


$1,000 Contribution

•  Sunny 505  •  Burritos Alinstante  

•  Gardenswartz Realty  •  Mobile Screen & Glass Inc.

•  "In Memory of Joe Lifke" 

  Dr. David J. Martinez, DDS Pediatric Dentistry


$500 Contribution