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We're Into What You're Into ~ SKI * BIKE * SNOWBOARD * RUN

Amber Zimmerman "The Doctor"

The Ice Swimmer?

Amber is a national level endurance athlete from pro triathlete to ice swimmer to now training for her first ultra-marathon. She’s been running since she was 7 years old.  She’s earning a PhD in neuroscience, has 3 undergraduate degrees. She’s such a “SLACKER!”

She earned a run scholarship and attended both the University of Tennessee and UNM. 

Recently, she won #1 overall woman in the half marathon for the zoo. She’s now starting to turn into a trail runner. She can help any customer with nutrition and triathlon training tips.

While she’s careful to not eat meat or drink, she does love junk food & reggae music. When she’s not at Sport Systems or off doing her doctor stuff, you might see her dancing or running with her dog, Doughnut.

Amber with her dog, Doughnut

Amber Zimmerman won 1st overall women in the Run for the Zoo

Amber Zimmerman raising money for Animal Humane at Sport Systems' annually sponsored event, Climate Canines.